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End of an Era

I apologize that it has come down to this…

I would like to thank everyone who have offered their thoughts, prayers, and support to those who were affected by the recent Texas Winter Storm.

The damage to our house was not severe. However, the damage that occurred needs to be fixed before it becomes a major issue. I wanted to dedicate as much time to these projects as possible and thus I decided to suspend my BoysonTech mail order business.

I appreciate the understanding and patience of my customers who have ordered products from BoysonTech. In addition, I have promptly issued refunds when I was unable to fill certain orders.

It has been my mission at BoysonTech to provide CoCo and retro related products and services at affordable prices. It was also my way to help promote the greatest 8bit machine – the Color Computer.

However, there are a group of people who have taken the fun out of the CoCo Community to the point I can no longer tolerate.

It has become very depressing and has reflected in my attitude in my personal life as well as friends and customers in the CoCo Community.

Effective immediately, I decided to leave the CoCo Community and move on to other projects.

I plan to liquidate and sell off my entire CoCo and Retro collection. I will no longer manufacture or develop CoCo products (except a final batch). Those that I have in design or in prototype stages, they will be destroyed, scrapped, or given to other developers. This includes the 4-128 Meg Boomerang with Pseudo SRAM, Phoenix Keyboard, Mini RTC/ROM, enhanced Guardian CPU board that would have co-existed with the GIME-X, the Speech/Sound Mod, wireless Paragon joystick adapter, Paragon deluxe hi-res and mouse adapter, Dual RS-232 and wireless adapter, and Bluetooth and USB KB adapter. The 512K, 2Meg Boomerang boards, and Paragon joystick adapters will continue to be manufactured and sold by another vendor. Details TBA. CoCo SDC – TBA but I highly suggest buying from Ed Snider @ thezippsterzone .

I will continue to provide replacement and warranty service on every product I have sold.

If you have an existing repair and/or deposit with me, please contact me and I will arrange to ship back your items and/or issue a refund.

I wish to personally thank all my customers and friends who I have known in the CoCo Community. It was a pleasure and honor to be part of this community.

Richard Lorbieski